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!This began as a hobby about 30 years ago, which has now gone far beyond that stage. I remain a passionate collector and am always looking for new plants for my personal collection and to sell. I also collect, sell and trade other types of natural history materials such as artifacts, fossils, botanical art, books, reptiles, shells, insects and other arthropods, etc.

!Aside from the fact that I offer many species that are available nowhere else, this is an area that I truly enjoy and I am in it for the long term picture. I have been in this business for over thirty years and do this because I love it (not for a quick profit).

!I have explored the natural habitats of most of the plants that I provide, having been to Africa, Latin America and other countries many times. I know the conditions that these plants grow under and can help you grow them, too. Being a college biology professor, helping others learn is also my business.

!Author of the popular and informative book, CYCADS: Their Cultivation and Propagation.

!Over thirty of my written articles (and still counting) have been published relating to plants and other natural history topics.

!Slide-illustrated lectures is something else I have done and continue to do throughout North America as well as foreign countries on a special request basis. My lectures cover a wide range of topics but all are related to plants and other aspects of natural history, and they have come to be quite popular with horticultural societies and natural history societies.

!It is strongly recommended that you order the species you desire when I have them available. Many of the more rare species are offered once and never again. There are many species that I want for my own collection that I could have had at one time but decided to wait -- I am still trying to acquire many of these.

!We have many requests for the type of pots that we use in our own collection and in shows. We are currently building a special section in our online store which will be exclusively for these exquisite pots. Stay tuned.

!Please contact me personally if you have anything to sell or trade which you think might interest us. We are receptive to purchasing whole collections as well as single specimens, and often acquire excess stock from amateur growers.

Thank you for your interest in our plants and for visiting our web site. We welcome all comments and suggestions. --Guy Wrinkle, Owner

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