We carry a wide range of very rare species, many of which we have offered for the first time. Most of these are true collectors' plants and are often very unusual. Their basic culture is very simple as long as the following is kept in mind. They need a well drained potting mix. If you do not make your own, a commercial cactus mix will do. Many of these species have a dormant period when they drop their leaves. Depending on the species, this can be in the summer or the winter. When they are dormant, they should only be watered slightly if at all. When they are actively growing, a good watering once a week is a good place to start. Many (especially the winter growing species) can survive temperatures down to freezing but if you are not sure, try to keep the temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of these species look beautiful when treated as succulent bonsai.

(Rare bulbs for succulent collectors such as Albuca, Boophane, Brunsvigia, Bulbine, Cybistetes, Cyrtanthus, Eriospermum, Gethyllis, Haemanthus, Ledebouria, Massonia, Ornithogallum, Scadoxus, Schizobasis, Urginia, etc. are now listed separately.) Unless otherwise indicated, all the succulents and bulbs listed are large specimens. Some species are in very limited supply.


Cycads are very ancient plants that were flourishing along with the dinosaurs. They are perfect for pot culture where they can be contained or for growing in the ground where they are unsurpassed as landscape specimens. Although they can be quite expensive in larger sizes, we carry seedlings of many species which are much more affordable. In general, we do not sell collected cycad plants. We do, however, often have large rooted offsets for sale and sometimes have large specimens from older established collections. Please inquire if interested. Most cycads are very easy to grow if planted in a fairly well drained mix. Sizes listed are pot size. Other species and sizes are sometimes available for trade or purchase. Inquire if interested.


All of the species listed here were chosen because they are good for growing along with succulent plants and lend themselves well to succulent bonsai staging. They are all large mature flowering size bulbs unless otherwise indicated. We offer the largest selection of rare African Amaryllidaceae and Liliaceae anywhere in the world. Many are offered here for the first time. With almost no exception, each specimen is a different clone (ie these are not vegetatively propagated). Many are in limited supply. As none is regulated by CITES, all can be sent anywhere in the world.


All orchids have been grown in cultivation here for at least one year (they are not new imports). All of these species can be grown outside in areas like Southern California and Florida. They are grown that way here. Unless otherwise indicated, all plants are blooming size divisions.


We never sell seeds of any kind.

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